How does Creek Consulting help maximize
value to its Customers?

We can do this through our Project, Portfolio Management & Business Analysis Consulting Services.

The search for synergy and continuity in business and technology initiatives is a critical success factor for enterprise projects. Creek Consultings programs can help you more effectively plan, manage, and implement customer centric business and technology solutions to help you grow your company and make it more profitable.

Business analysis is more than a system related function and in order to deploy best practices in this area an organizational perspective is imperative. Creek Consulting has compiled a suite of consulting and training solutions that solve the challenges organization’s face when developing their business analysis processes.


The services we can provide for you:

  • Provides Project Management expertise without the need for hiring in
  • Provides Project Management expertise on an as-needed basis
  • Provides Project Management assistance drawing on significant experience of Project Management in different industries and situations
  • Advises on and helps implement Project Management Methodologies (PMMs)
  • Advises on and helps implement Project/Portfolio Management Offices (PMOs)
  • Coaches and mentors Project Managers within client organisations, hands-on and through real life scenarios
  • Hands-on assistance with Project documentation and execution
  • Fill in on short to mid term bases for organisations needing part-time PM skills
  • Advises on Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) tools – identification, selection, implementation